About Me

A Small Business with Big Dreams

When I faced a life-altering arm injury in 2020, I saw it as a chance to reinvent myself and my career.

From all the infinite possibilities I could imagine, I chose to become an artist and a small business owner. With newfound clarity and purpose in hand, I set out on a journey that is currently taking me down paths I had never imagined before.

Of course, there were challenges along the way as my arm required more surgeries that hindered my work for majority of the time. I faced self-doubt and fears of failure, but I eventually came to realize I also fear not trying my best to achieve my dreams.

I had been a creative person all my life, but my art truly began as fluid acrylic paintings. It wasn't long before I started getting into epoxy resin, which unlocked the potential in my art to be applied to functional objects such as cutting boards and coasters.

In 2022 I invested in a Glowforge laser to start offering engravings on my cutting boards and it took off from just engravings to making customized Christmas ornaments that quickly became a best seller.

I am currently gearing towards learning how to make my own design files so I can offer a fully customizable product after seeing how popular my wood engraved QR code signs are becoming among local small businesses.



- Megan Walker