About Me

A Small Business with Big Dreams

Welcome to Arch Theory Displays

At Arch Theory Displays, I am passionate about creating unique, custom wooden displays that embody the essence of strength, ingenuity, and triumph. My journey began with a dream and has evolved into a thriving business dedicated to helping other small business owners showcase their brands with style and sophistication.

My Story

Arch Theory Displays was founded by me, Megan Walker, a dedicated artist and entrepreneur who turned a challenging period into an opportunity to realize my childhood dream. After fracturing my arm, I discovered the world of paint pouring and resin ocean wave art. This newfound passion quickly evolved, leading to the addition of a Glowforge laser for intricate engravings on my resin wave boards.

My talents caught the eye of Carol, the owner of Rustic & Modern Collective in downtown Upland, where my art was showcased. This led to custom engraving requests for other small business owners, and soon, Arch Theory Displays was born. Inspired by the symbolic strength and elegance of the arch motif, I launched this new venture to provide custom QR code and logo wooden maple displays.

My Craft

My signature style features bohemian-inspired designs with rattan cut accents, perfectly blending modern aesthetics with timeless craftsmanship. Each piece is meticulously crafted using my upgraded Aeon Mira 9 laser, ensuring precision and quality in every detail.

My Mission

At Arch Theory Displays, my mission is to empower small businesses by providing them with beautiful, functional display solutions. I understand the challenges of running a small business and am committed to supporting fellow entrepreneurs with products that enhance their brand presence and attract customers.

My Values

  • Creativity: I believe in the power of creativity to transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary ones.
  • Quality: I am dedicated to producing high-quality, durable displays that stand the test of time.
  • Community: I value the relationships I build with my clients and the local business community, striving to uplift and support each other.
  • Innovation: I continuously explore new techniques and materials to keep my designs fresh and relevant.

Join Me

I invite you to explore my collection and discover how Arch Theory Displays can elevate your brand. Whether you need a custom QR code sign, a logo display, or a unique decorative piece, I am here to bring your vision to life.

Thank you for supporting my small business and being a part of my journey. Together, we can achieve great things!

 🫶🏻 Megan